Kind Man Gives up His First-Class Seat in Aeroplane for 88-Year-Old Woman, Helps her Fulfill Lifelong Dream

date July 12th, 2021 category Stories
  • A man named Jack has been praised and celebrated on social media as he took an old woman by surprise with his kind deed in an aeroplane
  • Jack and his family had got first-class seats but instead, he offered his to an 88-year-old woman identified as Violet
  • The kind man then went ahead to take the old woman’s seat in the economy class which was beside a toilet

A man swapped his seats with an old woman in an aeroplane to help her fulfil her lifelong desire. The man, according to a lady named Leah Amy on Facebook, had booked first-class seats with his family.

The man identified as Jack was said to have found the 88-year-old woman named Violet in the economy class as he came onboard.

Leah said Violet – who is a nurse that travels to the UK and America to carry out her work – had always wanted to seat in the front and it came to reality thanks to Jack.

The stunned woman then requested photos with the kind-hearted man.

Social media users hail Jack

People gushed about Jack’s gesture and had good thoughts for him.

Engin Capsiz said:

“Bravo Jack for your kindness and bravo Leah for sharing this lovely gesture. This post will help kindness become contagious.”

Elaine Lehman wrote:

“A wonderful story about Jack and Violet. If only you had not mocked Violet’s given name. That’s who she is, not a Vera or Rose to be renamed. Cheers.”

Minnie Meneses Lee commented:

“Jack is a product of good upbringing and possibly good compassionate people around him while growing up.”

Genevieve Vas reacted:

“This world goes on for the kindness found in persons like Jack. Leah, appreciated your thoughtfulness too.”

Article Author : Victor Duru

Posted On : 11 July 2021

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